Fraud Policy

This site implements several fraud deterrent systems in order to protect the interests of the advertising affiliates and our members. The advertisers and affiliates also use several fraud deterrent systems and routinely provide us with reports of suspected fraudulent users.

Examples of fraudulent member activity may include:

1. Having more than one "1 account per household.
2. Signing up for the site using fake information
3. Misrepresenting their age and/or being under the age of "13.
4. Having more than "1 account on the same IP address.
5. Using an internet connection that uses a proxy server.
6. Sharing any Online Banking account.
7. Using fake, temporary or disposable E-mail Addresses to complete offers.
8. Teaching other members to commit fraud.
9. Using "Auto Fill or other forms of software to complete offers.
10. Repeating the same offer on this site or any other website.
11. Immediately canceling a trial offer or software download.
12. Multiple accounts/signups from the same computer, IP or physical address.
13. Logging into your account from public place may cause you to automatically be banned.
Please login from your home connection only.
14. Completing offers which were not open to their country.
15. The use of a P.O. (Post Office Box) is strictly not allowed and your account will be locked immediately.

Fraud, in any form, will not be tolerated. If it is determined that fraudulent information is used to complete offers, the members account will be terminated and deleted immediately, without prior notice or warning, no matter the degree of fraud. All money in that account will be forfeited.
Some examples of fraud, but not limited to, are: using false information or information that is not your own to complete offers; using stolen credit cards to complete offers; completing the same offer multiple times, whether it is on the  site or any other; canceling a trial offer before actually receiving the product or service.
Using prepaid gift and/or credit cards to complete offers is also not permissible.
Offers are to be done on one computer only, with one IP address being used and no proxy servers are allowed. If a member's IP address changes, for whatever reason, the member is to notify  of the change and the reason.
While we do not share your personal information as a member of , if you are caught frauding or cheating  and your account is terminated by for those reasons then your information such as your username, IP, and offers completed are NOT considered personal information, and will be shared with other site owners and/or advertisers at their request.
In addition, publicly slandering, if found to be fraudulent, can result in legal action for slander and/or the fraudulent proof to be posted publicly for all to view. Reversals are not accepted on.
If you have any reversals on your account because the affiliate reversed the lead due to duplication or other fraudulent activity, your account is subject to becoming disabled permanently, no exceptions, and all earnings forfeited.